What To Say To Get Your Ex Back - How To Win Back Your Ex?

Know What To Say To Get Your Ex Back Quickly?

what to say to get your ex back
It could be very awkward talking to an ex, especially in case when lots of hurtful words were exchanged at the time of break up. You don't know what to say to get your ex back now. Always remember one thing, everything you say creates an impact on your partner and the way you react could either make or break any possibilities of getting back with your ex.

All you need to do is to choose the right words. You do not want to lose the love of your life just because of few mistakes.

Firstly, it's better to speak to your ex once everything is settled down, the storm had eased, and both of you are calm enough listen. Also make sure that your ex is in full control of their emotions, and no outburst would take place when you talk.

Forgive your ex for whatever that happened in the past. You need to have a fresh beginning now.

Use the words that show strength.

Very often people think begging or pleading to your ex will make them come back to you. If you think this is going to work then you are wrong.
"Please I will do anything. I love you so much, just give me another chance!"
"I will do whatever you want to do; I just want you to be happy."
The thing is all these words shows that you are weak. Instead you need to let your ex know that you can still do fine without them.
"I am sorry if I've hurt you but I respect your decision. I can't be friends with you right now but perhaps sometime in the future we can talk again."
The above example shows that you respect their decision and you are ability to deal with the break up and move on.

Words of Understanding

Never force or harass them just to get their decision in your favor. It's not going to work. You just need to remember what your ex told you about the break up and try to understand their perspective. Getting angry or panicking will just lead to negative consequences.

Do not say this ever:
"I can't believe you're doing this to me! Your words were all lies then were they? How could you do this after I have done x, y and z for you..."
Are you getting my point here? Just ask yourself are you trying to win back your ex or convince them to ditch you right now and here?

Instead, this is what you should say:
"I respect your decision to break up and I apologize for hurting you. I wish there was more I could do but I understand you don't want to be with me anymore. I wish you best of luck in your life..." etc.

Listen to what your ex has to say.

They might still be angry and use hurtful words. But you need to understand that those are repressed words, just remain calm and listen to them. This release of emotional pressure could do wonders to calm down your ex.

What words could do to save your relationship?

It may look that you are letting your relationship go without any fight, but that is not really what you are doing. You are just showing them that you are mature enough to deal with such a situation gracefully and your ex will definitely respect you for that.

Once you have done all the things above, what you do now is important. In case you want to move on, then do that. Don't have any kind of contact with your ex until they call you first. Even if this happens be careful why they are calling you.

Sometimes they play warm and cold with you, therefore you got to take your stand that unless they act in a more mature way around way you, both of you can't be friends.

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